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Technologies & Components


Your Partner for Sensor systems

Rugged - Intelligent - Custom-made.

Our products includes a broad selection of particularly long-lasting encoders suitable for installation in extremely rugged operating conditions. These are optionally available as standard products or as individually customized solutions. Moreover, many of them are certified for special applications.


VEM offer you a broad portfolio of products and solutions for the sustainability of your plant, environmentally friendly and economical on resources.

Particular focus here is upon the sectors of:

  • container cranes

  • steel and rolling mills,

  • chemicals,

  • oil and gas,

  • power plant technology,

  • alternative energies,

  • water management,

  • shipbuilding,

  • transport technology and primary industry as well as engineering and plant engineering.

Malmedie large.jpeg

Coupling Technology for the 

Industry of TOMORROW

MALMEDIE® is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of mechanical couplings for industrial applications.

Drum Couplings

As a connection between rope drum and gearbox, our Drum-Couplings can transmit high torques with small dimensions and weights.


Gear-Couplings can compensate angular, radial and axial misalignments.

Safety Couplings

Proven under very difficult application conditions, the function of Safety-Couplings is characterised by high precision of disengagement recurrences and rapid easy reset.


New Hoist System Arrangement for STS Cranes...

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