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Procurement & Project Management

Governments and companies today procure products and services from external providers worth millions, even billions of dollars to meet their needs. From idea to completion often takes years for increasingly complex projects. 

Cost overruns, delays and implementations not being compliant with the requirements, unfortunately, are the norm rather than the exception. 


Managing complex procurement projects requires a completely different strategy to procuring consumables and manufacturing supplies.


A plethora of document, tendering & project management systems aim to support such projects - yet the reality is often different with stakeholders frequently referencing incorrect or outdated documents, deadlines being missed and regular breakdowns in communication and process at various points during the project lifecycle.


Having done this for more than 13 years and having procured billions of dollars worth of equipment, we at Strategic Port Equipment have both the experience and the tools to ensure that you have the best outcome.


iSpec is a procurement and contract-life-cycle management solution that has proved itself over the past decade in managing these projects.



As the document defines the project, it contains (or should contain) the most accurate and up-to-date information and therefore should drive the process. Any changes to the document (agreement between the parties – whether technical or contractual of nature) should immediately update the process as well.

With iSpec all stakeholders have access to all information at all times from anywhere allowing for full transparency and up-to-date information.


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